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Corporate Fitness Solutions: Resource Management, Personal Training, Performance

It's impossible for a company to have it all isn't it?

Shrewd business deals, positive financial results, ethical and social awareness, diligence to do right by clients, employees, and society. That's a hell of a lot of plates to spin.  So when it comes to:


  • Health & wellbeing

  • Energy & motivation

  • Efficiency & productivity

  • Focus & confidence


For the people who matter - many elite companies are struggling with the same dilemma. Their team are in poor shape mentally and physically, and it is impacting their performance.

Perhaps you've gone to great lengths to employ a wellness/wellbeing officer, or somebody tasked with not only boosting the health and wellbeing of employees as individuals, but also you hope, the fortunes of the company at top-end. Investing in gyms, fitness equipment, incentives and subsidies to drive employees towards further improvement is one thing... 
But it's only leading the horse to the proverbial water.  

Despite these often costly investments, many corporations are still left wanting, and are lacking the finishing touch which takes these often under-utilised resources, and turns them into gold.

That's where GJP Fitness Consultancy steps in with an expert understanding of how your organisation can best utilise the facilities, equipment, allowances etc. allocated for its valued employees, galvanising the productivity of the company and providing your people with tangible upturns in their physical potential and wellbeing, which the business reaps the rewards from.
Our consultancy is designed to reduce the workload and thinking from your end. You hire GJP on retainer on a monthly basis to diligently oversee anything from:

  • Private personal training session delivery drop-ins

  • Group mobility & flexibility sessions

  • Periodized training programme writing

  • Health & fitness resources management (equipment purchase decisions, dimensions, placements etc.) 

  • Discounted employee PT sessions at UNTIL Liverpool Street / Soho

You won't be required to spend time and hassle communicating frequently with us. You'll simply be asked about your resources and what you have available to offer to your employees, you'll then be provided with a report on how we can best make it work for you, and we'll set the wheels in motion on a monthly basis.

Initial consultation - £150

Wait Til' You See What We Can Do For You

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